Field Day Pictures

Here is a collection of pictures from past field day operations. Enjoy!

[Steaks being cooked.]

On Field Day, we try to feed our help well. Here, Kevin Reynolds, N2RLY cooks steaks for the hungry 1995 team. We feature a steak dinner every year!

[Layout of a Field Day station.] Here is a shot of the 1995 Field Day setup. Noticeable in the foreground is the trailer we operated VHF from. Equally noticeable are the VHF 'Stacks'. The novice station was located in the camper to the right of the photo. One of the two HF stations was located in the tent to the left of the shelter. (The other was 600 feet away through the woods!) The shelter itself held the VHF FM stations as well as talk-in, food, etc. Complex as it was, this particular operation was extremely sucessful.

[Field Day Operators.]

This picture features Alex Picarilly, NV2Y operating in the foreground. The operator in the background is Dale Girard, N2YJU. This photo is from Field Day 1996.

[Field Day operator.]

This is Tom Jennings, KV2X, running HF at the station we put out in the woods. This is a fun station to operate because nobody is around to distract you! This is from Field Day 1995.

[yet more Field Day ops.]

This is Mike Sirianni, KB2SXO, and his son, KB2SXQ running HF during the Field Day 1995 effort. This was a particularly good HF effort, and these two were in command of pileups much of the time.

More photos to come!

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