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This page is a list of interesting sites on subjects dealing with Christianity. There is also a special section here for C.S. Lewis/Narnia fans. If you have an interesting URL you think belongs here, email me a suggestion at the address below. Note that there has been no attempt to build a comprehensive list of links here. Unlike other subjects that can be found on this website, there are tens of thousands of good Christian websites out there. Listing even a good selection of them would be a major job. So, I have included a handful of links to major Christian sites..... Enjoy!

May Jesus bless you this day!

Updated 1-8-2007 Links added and refreshed.

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Sites of general interest to Christians

Narnia/C.S. Lewis sites

This list was on the original version of this site way back in 1996. It was deleted due to lack of interest. But, with the Chronicles of Narnia Being made into feature films, there is considerable new interest in these timeless stories. (Note that this list, too is woefully incomplete!) So, lots more to enjoy!

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