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                            GETTING READY FOR JANUARY
        The  January VHF contest is almost here. Make sure to  mark  your 
        calendars  (if  you haven't already) for the weekend  of  January 
        21st  and 22nd. Make arrangements to make sure that someone  else 
        doesn't 'plan' some other activity for you that weekend!
        Hopefully,  your  antennas are up by now, and your  rigs  are  in 
        working  order.  They aren't? Don't procrastinate! We  have  been 
        blessed with unusually mild weather (At the time of this writing, 
        anyway), and there should be no excuse for not getting this taken 
        care  of  now!  As far as your rigs go, the  morning  before  the 
        contest is not the time to discover that your 2-meter station  is 
        dead! Check your rigs out NOW (That is, after reading this  arti-
        cle) and make srti-
        cle) and make sure they work. Incidentally, those of you who know 
        me know I tend to overbuild things. This has paid off in the long 
        run, as the equipment generally works when turned on, and doesn't 
        have to be repaired the morning of the contest!
        Last,  but  not least, DOUBLE-CHECK YOUR LOGS! Last  year.  there 
        were many instances of logging inaccuracies noted during process-
        ing.  A couple of these were so bad, that I worked with the  sta-
        tions  involved to help them turn in a log that wasn't likely  to 
        get  them disqualified! I have no plans to do that this year.  IT 
        If you log using a computer, you are encouraged to make your  log 
        submission  on  a disk. This will greatly simplify  the  League's 
        processing, as well as mine. See the official rules for  details, 
        or call me at the numbers at the end of this article.
        There is a new version of the Grouper computer program available, 
        called GROUPER2. This program is used to determine how many RVHFG 
        members  you worked for the Rochester Cup and Worked  Most  RVHFG 
        Member awards. It has some minor fixes in it, most importantly, a 
        checksum feature that allows me to know what membership list  you 
        used to generate the result lis generate the result list. GROUPER2 is available for down-  
        load on the NS9E VHF Contesting page: 
        The  Fun is back in the January VHF contest! I hope to hear  (And 
        work) each and every member of the club! GOOD LUCK and SEE YOU ON 
        THE AIR!


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