VHF Contesting Page

By Tim Stoffel, NS9E

[VHF antenna at sunset]

This page is intended as a general purpose resource for the VHF contester. At this time, it has three main components:

  1. An archive site for VHF contesting records.
  2. A selection of VHF contesting tutorials.
  3. Some helpful software and operating/logging/submission aids.

Above all, this is a resource for YOU! Any suggestions for improvements are also welcome. Possible future editions include VHF contest records broken down by ARRL section! I also may put a regulatory alert page here, as one or more of our VHF allocations always seems to be under attack!

Updated 4-14-2002. Fixed spring sprint dates. Updated September and 10 GHz records. Added Spring sprints dates.

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In the immortal words of Wayne King, N2WK:

"Keep Sending!"

New! Solar terrestrial monitor!

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Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:
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NOTE! If you have already downloaded this program, please download the program again. More bugs have been found and corrected! The current version is version 1.4 (01-22-2002), and the files are now named futocb14

Download the VHFTEST Cabrillo converter program here. This program was specifically written to work with VHFTEST. It is really easy to use: Work the contest, and run this program in the same directory as VHFTEST when you are done! No exporting, preformatting, etc., is required! The resulting file is ready to email to the ARRL with no further processing! If you want, you can have your log on it's way to the league minutes after the conntest is over!

Check out pictures of some of our VHF activities!

2002 Contest Dates

VHF Contesting Page

Table of Contents

Contest Records (Current through all of 2001)


These tutorials were written during the two years I was contest chairman of the Rochester VHF group, 1994 and 1995. Although they have been edited to be generic, they may still contain a few refrences to local activities. Nonetheless, I think you will find them extremely useful! Feel free to share these with your firends, club, etc.

Operating Aids

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